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From: Elaine Persall (persall@eng.clemson.edu)
Date: Fri Feb 09 1996 - 20:15:54 EET

Tim wrote......
>Is it me, or is there a lot of chatter by folks who just need to buy a

To help folks buy your dictionary.....heed the following. It might make
you smile.

All expenditures on all your VISA (any VISA Card) from Oct 1, 1995 to
12/31/95 will earn you 10% of the total amount charged on your account. For
example, if you spent $1000 within this time period, then you will have $100
in certificates accumulated with VISA. This would convert to $100 towards
restaurants, Marriott Hotels, rent-a car agencies, airlines (ask VISA when
you call which they are).
Since VISA has 85 million cardholders, they won't be mailing out certificates
to everyone.
The only way to receive your "earned credits" is to call VISA between January
22 and March 29, 1996 and claim your certificate at 1-800-750-VISA (8472).
This is a legitimate offer - it's part of their customer award program. They
just neglected to send the information to all 85 million customers, so it's
up to you to call. take advantage of it and tell a friend because they're not
advertising it. Just call them and VISA will tabulate your total Earned
Credit .. just make sure to let them know if you have more than 1 VISA card
or account.

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