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From: Tien-MIn Gabriel Chu (
Date: Sun Feb 11 1996 - 04:38:15 EET

What Mr. Wohlers is referring to is the "Visible Man" project by NIH. You
can check out the web site at

or send e-mail to to get more information about this
project. They have complete sets of both CT and MRI data.

Gabriel Chu

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On 9 Feb 1996, Terry Wohlers wrote:

> Elaine wrote:
> > I have a user that needs either CT or MRI data of the chest cavity.
> > Is there a ftp site for such data somewhere in the world?
> You might be able to get cross section data of a real chest from Dr. David
> Alciatore ( of Colorado State University.
> He's here in Fort Collins. Dave and others are reconstructing a human thorax
> from cross section data taken from a frozen cadaver. They froze a body in a
> gel and then cut 1 mm slices (as I recall), digitally photographing each slice
> as they go. Although it's not CT or MRI data, it might be better. Fascinating
> work, huh!
> Terry Wohlers
> Wohlers Associates

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