RP resin issues

From: Elaine Persall (persall@eng.clemson.edu)
Date: Mon Feb 12 1996 - 14:36:24 EET

Question for everyone:

    3D System's web page on the SLA-350/10 also announces a new
material: "CIBATOOL(r) SL 5190. A low viscosity, epoxy-based,
photocurable liquid resin, it builds strong and durable parts of
the highest accuracy produced by any prototyping technology when
used with QuickCast or ACES(r) build styles. SL 5190 is ideal
for applications such as snap-fit assemblies, tooling or
photoelastic stress analysis."

    3D's web site does not appear to have a section on resins.
Has anyone heard anything about this new resin? What are its
working parameters: Ec, Dp? What is its viscosity? How about
mechanical data for the cured material? Is it any different than
SL 5180 (since laser wavelength is about the same: 351nm for
SLA-500, 355nm for SLA-350)? If it is better than what has been
available, can upgrades of SL 5170 and SL 5180 be expected?

    If 3D or Ciba are listening perhaps they could post some
information to the rp-ml.


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