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> Hi, 12/2/96
> Last Friday I delivered some stl files generated by pro/e to a
> bureau. I was asked if I Knew of a way to read stl files into pro/e!
> Being new to pro/e I don't know. It was certainly easy to write a
> grip programme in Unigraphics to do this. Is there something similar
> in Pro/e and has anyone done this? I imagine the main problem will be
> not being to sow the surfaces and therefore the excercise may be a
> waste of time? I could be wrong!!! are there any good reasons??
I have not worked much with Pro/E 15.0, but with version 14.0 it was not
possible directly. It gives an awful trick to bring STL-Files into ProE.
Take the STL-File and create a VDA-FS file. Because, VDA-FS does not know
triangles, you have to make a rectangle with two identical points out of
every triangle. It is a very easy program. After this you can load the
VDA-FS file and create a solid into Pro/E. This will need some time!

But as mentioned, it is a terrible trick, and I am very interested in a
better way.

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