Re: Actua 2100

From: Steve Hickman (
Date: Tue Feb 13 1996 - 00:11:51 EET

After speaking with 3D Systems local sales rep I got the cost of the Actua 2100
system. The machine itself costs $60,000.00 and they are taking orders at this
time. The material costs $330 per gallon. I belive a gallon is about 3kgs of
material in weight. The service contract is a 1 year agreement. It costs $5700
to extend the service contract up front. From the sales rep info and the
brochure that I got last week on the system it appears to be a very simple set
up. Though the weight of the machine itself in approx. 700lbs. Shipping
weight, add another 100lbs. The approx. size is 58in x 30in x 44in.

For any other information I suggest calling you local sales rep.

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