JTEC/WTEC RP Workshop (Mar. 7 '96) -- pls. forward

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Subject: JTEC/WTEC RP Workshop (Mar. 7 '96) -- pls. forward

Text item: ATTACH01.TXT

JTEC/WTEC Workshop on Rapid Prototyping
in Japan and Europe
March 7, 1996
The American Institute of Architects ,
1735 New York Ave., NW, Washington, DC


Japanese Technology Evaluation Center
Ocher House
Loyola College
4501 N. Charles St.
Baltimore, MD 21210

Dear Colleague:

You are invited to the JTEC/WTEC Workshop on Rapid
Prototyping in Japan and Europe, to be held
March 7, 1996, at The American Institute of
Architects, 1735 New York Ave., NW, Washington,
DC--near the Old Executive Office Bldg.and the
Corcoran Art Gallery. Registration will begin at
8:15 AM, with proceedings beginning at 9:00.
Coffee will be available.

Flexibility and "time to market" have become
increasingly critical factorsin manufacturing
competitiveness. Rapid prototyping plays a key
role in both areas--by allowing limited numbers of
new products to be designed and built quickly.
And the emergence of new tools and technologies for
rapid prototyping promises ever more rapid and
efficient design and manufacturing of products,
processes, and systems.

Sponsors at NSF, DoE, ARPA, ONR, and DoC asked
JTEC/WTEC to assemble a panel of U.S. experts to
find out how American industry stacks up interna-
tionally in the development and use of rapid
prototyping technologies. Those experts visited
firms, universities, organizations, and government
agencies in Japan (23 sites) and select European
countries (12 sites)--places where we expected to
find the most interesting and important foreign
developments in RP. (See below for a list of sites
visited.) Our panelists are now putting together
their final report and are ready to share their
findings and insights with both the U.S. and
international RP communities.

To reserve a seat, please print out the form below
and mail it back to us. Or you can RSVP via FAX
(410-617-5123) or email (cmf@loyola.edu on Internet);
include your full name, address, and phone number.
You can also register on the JTEC/WTEC WWW server:
http://itri.loyola.edu. A $25 registration fee covers
refreshments, presentation materials, and a copy of
the final report.


Michael J. DeHaemer, Ph.D.
Director, JTEC/WTEC


___ YES, I/we would like to attend the JTEC/WTEC
Workshop on Rapid Prototyping in Japan and Europe
and receive a copy of the final report (send JTEC
a $25.00 check made out to "Loyola College" in advance
or pay atthe door).

___ NO, I/we cannot attend, but would like to reserve
a copy of the final report (send JTEC a $25.00 check
made out to "Loyola College" at address shown above).

___ NO, I/we cannot attend, but please notify me/us
when the final report becomes available. (Post-
publication price will be $50.)

Name(s): _____________________________________


Address Correction: __________________________


Phone: _______________________________________


Please mail to:

Trina Foley
Loyola College
4501 North Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21210-2699

Draft Agenda

 8:15 Registration (Coffee)
 9:00 Welcome (DeHaemer, JTEC/WTEC)
 9:15 Introduction (Prinz, Stanford)
 9:45 RP Process Overview (Weiss, Carnegie Mellon)
10:15 Needs, Goals, Objectives (Brown, Gillette)
10:45 Materials (Fussell, Alcoa)
      Plastics (Fussell; Aubin, UTRC)
      Metals (Beaman, Texas-Austin; Fussell; Sachs, MIT)
      Ceramics (Lightman, Dayton; Aubin, Sachs)
12:00 Lunch
 1:00 CAD & Interfaces (Wozny, NIST)
 1:30 Machine Design (Sachs)
 2:00 Applications (Aubin)
      Castings (Atwood, Sandia)
      Tooling (Aubin, Sachs, Fussell)
      Medical (Lightman)
 3:00 Historical Perspective (Beaman)
 3:30 Conclusion (Prinz)
 4:00 Q&A
 4:30 Adjournment

Sites (People) Visited In Japan, Germany, And France

Teijin Seiki
CMET/Asahi Denka
Kira Corp.
D-MEC Ltd.
NCS Inc.
Olympus Optical Co.
Hino Motors
Tokuda Kogyo
Denken Engineering Co.
Meiko Co.
Shonan Design Co.
Toyota Motor Corp.
Japan Aviation Electronics
Nakamura Pattern Making Co.
MITILaser 3D
Tokyo Metropolitan
      Institute of Technology
IMS Promotion Center
Univ. of Tokyo (Prof. Nakagawa)
Hokkaido Univ. (Prof. Kishinami,
      in Tokyo)
Univ. of Tokyo (Prof. Kimura)
Osaka Sangyo Univ. (Prof. Marutani)
Fraunhofer ITC
Fockele and Schwarze
Fraunhofer IFAM
Fraunhofer IPT
Fraunhofer IPA
Fraunhofer IKP
Univ. of Erlangen
Laser 3D
Catholic Univ. of Leuven

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