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Date: Tue Feb 13 1996 - 08:48:50 EET

(You may get this note twice. Sorry)

At 9:41 12-02-1996, Ian Gibson wrote:

>>>what is "Actua" supposed to mean?
>>Its an old southern term meaning act youall.
>>In other words GET BUSY, Get involved, DO SOMETHING.
>>Californians can't speak southern.
>>Happy to translate!
>I disagree. It is a derivation of Hong Kong Cantonese - Act 2 aa (in order
>to balance the word soundings an optional aa is often put at the end of
>In other words - 2nd generation RP.
>Dr Ian Gibson

You're all wrong. When they sneeze in California its "Actua!!!!!". Gesundheit!
This is the definitive meaning. For confirmation call Dick Newton at Ford.


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