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From: Lightman, Allan J. (LIGHTMAJ@main.udri.udayton.edu)
Date: Wed Feb 14 1996 - 21:56:00 EET

The last set of quotes that I posted from Tom Peters, on the importance of
RP, generated several comments to me which indicate an interest in business
rationale for RP. In this light, I thought I should share another which is
from the latest issue, February 26, 1996, of Forbes ASAP, again from Tom
Peters article "OF THINGS FUNDAMENTAL." Peters explains that he is working
with a start-up company but I think that the same principles apply to
intrapreneurship, where a new product is being developed within an existing
company structure. Peters develops a set of "lessons learned." They are:

1. Gotta love that product.
2. Sales beat marketing.
3. Great people.
4. Be prototype happy.
5-12. ...

Under 4. Peters writes, "The best way to enthuse prospects is ... with
product, not concept; ... My instinct ... and that of all our advisors
tell us: prototype, prototype, prototype! We are learning, revising,
impressing others ... and spurning ourselves on .. with THE REAL THING."

The message that is strongly emerging is that concept models (electronic
models) are far inferior to physical prototypes for generating buy-in and
enthusiastic participation in product development.

Allan Lightman
University of Dayton

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