Re: Digitizing of human face - creation of high quality surfaces

From: Naseer Khan (
Date: Thu Feb 15 1996 - 21:40:05 EET

Nils Aksel Ruud wrote:

> We are cooperating with a company in need for turning a plaster model
> of a human face, including ears and half of the throath, into high
> quality surfaces. These surfaces must be of a such quality that they
> can be imported and manipulated in a 3D-CAD system. Chord high
> accuracy must be in the range of 0.1 mm, and VDA-FS file format is
> recommended.
> Who has the complete solution that works all the way from scanning,
> making high quality surfaces to do 3D-modelling for wall thicknesses,
> etc?

Looking for a turn-key solution to this process might not avail you of the
best in each class. Generally, CAD systems are limited with regards to
handling large point data, while the scanning software doesn't concentrate
on making high-quality surfaces. Yet both do their respective tasks very

The bridge across from points to surfaces has been "reverse engineering"
software that can both take in large datasets and output good surfaces that
may then be used downstream in solids systems. As the title below implies,
of course I am going to tell you that Surfacer is one of the best apps to
do this job. And it can easily handle face, ears, throat, and any other
body part you might consider....!!!! Any accuracy is limited solely by the
scanning hardware. "And you can't have too many points...."

I've done similar tasks as what you mention where I can take points and
simply fit or create NURBS from these to whatever accuracy is desired, offset
the surface(s) to create the back side, make the walls as ruled surfaces
from the edges and send it to the CAD system to make a solid. And yes,
Surfacer can write out in VDA format.

The funny thing is that no one else bothered to chirp in with this easy
answer because it was too obvious, and just requires looking through the
archives of this mailing list..... :-) You should've been at our booth
at Autofact '94......

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