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Date: Fri Feb 16 1996 - 10:47:38 EET

I'm forwarding this as requested.


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Date: Wed, 14 Feb 1996 22:50:22 -0800
From: David Mintzer <>
Subject: StlTools & StlView

Dear Sir or Madam!

My name is Igor Tebelev and I am an author of two Shareware Products
that are already very popular in Rapid Prototyping community.

StlView - Windows Shareware STL file viewer, anylizer...
StlTools - ADS for AutoCAD for STL file editing - creation...

Right now both of this two programs are located on CompuServe, ACAD
forum, Modeling Section and access to them are limited only to
CompuServe Users...

A while ago I've discovered that during discussion on RP-MAIL about STL
Vieweres among very expensive ranging from $1,000 to $8,000 there was
no place for my StlView that costs only $300. And at that moment I've
realized that probably my products are not represented well on

So, I would like to ask you - If you have available FTP server or side,
please allow me to upload my programs to it...

Or, if you not, could you post this message to RP-ML as if someone
would permit me to make the files available on their server. I would be
surprised if no one responded to this request...

Please, contact me through

Best Regards,
Igor Tebelev

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