1995 Rapid Prototyping Directory Published

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Date: Sat Feb 17 1996 - 02:10:54 EET


According to the Rapid Prototyping Report's newly published 1996 Rapid
Prototyping Directory, there are now more than 230 rapid prototyping service
bureaus operating worldwide. This represents growth of almost 50 percent over
just last year, and 550 percent since the Rapid Prototyping Report's first
directory was published in 1992.

The directory was compiled and edited by the staff of the Rapid Prototyping
Report and is currently the most comprehensive directory of its kind. Service
bureau information is particularly difficult to compile because the leading
makers of rapid prototyping equipment do not make public their customers
lists and most service bureaus are small companies without large advertising
budgets. Yet these firms give manufacturers of all types a low-cost way to
try rapid prototyping technologies without major capital investments in rapid
prototyping equipment.

The Rapid Prototyping Directory lists not only each service bureau's address,
phone, and FAX numbers, but also the number and type of rapid prototyping
equipment operating in-house, which rapid prototyping processes are available
though affiliates, and what associated services, such as silicone-rubber
molding and vacuum casting, the service bureau offers.

This year's directory also includes listings for 32 rapid prototyping
equipment vendors, 11 materials vendors, 12 third-party software vendors, 18
CAD vendors who support the STL file format, 16 rapid prototyping consultant,
31 educational institutions and research institutes, and 27 foundries that
work with patterns produced by rapid prototyping. There are also sections for
laser suppliers, makers of vacuum-casting machinery, digitizing equipment and
services, and other companies offering services or products related to rapid

The Rapid Prototyping Directory sells for $69, but is free to paid
subscribers of the monthly Rapid Prototyping Report. Copies may be ordered
from: CAD/CAM Publishing, Inc., 1010 Turquoise Street, Suite 320, San Diego,
California 92109 Telephone: (619)488-0533 FAX: (619)488-6052 e-mail

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