AAF Technologies Classification Chart

From: Erkut Negis (enegis@lynx.dac.neu.edu)
Date: Sat Feb 17 1996 - 23:23:54 EET

Dear RP World,

You may remember that shareware versions of a classification chart which was
originally prepared as a part of our own benchmarking and technology
forecasting efforts, have been distributed by Mr. Albin Hastbacka of Sanders
Prototype, Inc.

The chart classifies major AAF (Additive Automated Fabrication) technologies
which is one of the most important ingredient of today's RP&M industry.

The latest shareware version dated 11-14-1995 and named as "Classification
of Major AAF Technologies According to Applied Fabrication Technique and Raw
Phase and/or Form of Build Material" is a 2'x3' sized top-down tree chart
with more than 85 individual blocks each containing core information about
specific technology. The chart covers most of the World's unique AAF
technologies which is commercialized, under research and/or patented. In
addition to that, when applicable, name of company or institution, source of
the information, short history of development, US patent number, date and
inventor's name are also given.

Until now, many positive comments that I've received showed, the chart,
organizing all the information on a single sheet of paper is a useful up to
date reference source especially for educational purposes.
Currently I'm working on an updated and improved version of the chart which
is planned to be available commercially in near future. Yet, release date,
pricing and marketing method have not been set.

If you...
...got one of the shareware versions and have some comments on it,
...are involved in a research institution working on a unique technology,
...are working in a startup or new company to commercialize a new technology,
...have patent(s) on a unique AAF technology waiting for commercialization,
...have any other comment(s) on this topic,
please inform me.


Erkut Negis

New Silkroad Int'l, Inc. Phone : (617) 730-9512
75 Saint Alphonsus St. #301 Fax : (617) 734-3128
Boston, MA E-Mail: enegis@lynx.neu.edu

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