Re: Rapid Tooling

From: Olli Nyrhila (
Date: Mon Feb 19 1996 - 18:47:05 EET

Dear Nils Aksel,

We might have a solution for your rapid tooling problem. We are constantly
using a Eosint metal sintering machine in manufacturing of prototype moulds.
The system has been in commercial use from the beginning of this year. Several
moulds have been succesfully manufactured and also used in injection moulding.
I am aware that 10 000 pieces is really a hard job for a prototype mould, but
it is worth a try.

Our system is based on proprietory metal powder and EOS metal sintering machine.
It is different from DTM system, because it really directly sinters metal
powder. Sintered inserts can be used as mould inserts after finishing.

If you are interested, please contact Mr. Seppo Syrjälä, who is our
specialist in
prototype moulds.


Olli Nyrhilä
Electrolux Rapid Development
Aholantie 17
21290 Rusko

tel. +358-21-43 99 600
fax. +358-21-43 99 620


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