Re: Rapid Tooling

From: Steve Farentinos (
Date: Mon Feb 19 1996 - 21:19:12 EET

Carl Deckard wrote:

> I respond:
> Unrealistic expectations may be more of a factor in the acceptance of
> tooling via RP&M than a mismatch between capabilities and true
> requirements. Ask yourself:
> 1) Do I really need plus or minus 0.0002 inch (0.005 millimeter)?

Plus or minus 0.0002 inches is a tight tolerance indeed. We have been
inspecting tooling and parts on CMM's for ten years. I can tell you first hand
that even the most carefully machined parts will meet this spec. only on very
rare occasions. In the case of a complicated 3D parting line, the drawing may
ask for these tolerances and the machinist may claim to have delivered, but
verification can be the trickiest part.

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