Cubital processes

From: Veli-Matti Tiainen (
Date: Tue Feb 20 1996 - 11:57:04 EET

Hello, hello

I have couple of questions for someone who's keen with
Cubital's SGC-processes:

1. Cubital home page has a mention of a "newly designed
process sequence that has been designed to reduce the
dewaxing time by approximately 35%" Has this new process
cycle something to do with the Extented Solid Ground
Curing -process? If not, what's the novelty in it?

2. ESGC -process uses photocuring resin as a support
material. Does the part clean-up cycle differ from the
"normal" SGC -process?

A brief description of the ESGC -process, its applications,
available materials and commercial status wouldn't do any

Thank's in advance.

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