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From: Yakov Horenstein (
Date: Wed Feb 21 1996 - 01:22:42 EET

I have a marketing info. bulletin from Cubital dated May 1995
(prehistoric?), which introduces the Extended SGC process. Here are
parts of what it says:

"Cubital is pleased to announce that a process for fabricating wax parts
and patterns for Investment casting using the ESGC process has been
successfully developed. These wax parts and patterns are considered
ideal...for producing metal parts and rapid tooling.......We are
currently...developing a modification kit to field upgrade systems....We
are continuing to expand the use of ESGC to enable the direct fabrication
of metal parts/molds on the Cubital system. Preliminary experiments with
low melting point metals have achieved positive results and we are
confident that by Q1 1996 Cubital system users can adapt this application
to their system. Developed in a joint research program between Cubital and
Technion Israel Institute of Technology, the ESGC enables the production of
parts from a wide range of new raw materials. The raw materials do not
necessarily have to be UV curable....Some of these raw materials are
durable and resistant to both high temperatures and pressures, allowing for
direct tooling. Other raw materials can be used for achieving improved
mechanical properties. The Solider systems are becoming true Multiple
Material systems.....To date several new raw materials have been
used....wax for mass production of parts and patterns for investment
casting, low melting point metals for metal parts and tooling, and ceramic
loaded photopolymers for functional models and special apps."

As far as improved dewaxing is concerned, this is partly because of a new
dewaxing machine recently developed, and partly because of a new model
building process, mentioned in the bulletin several times but not
explained, except to say that it reduces dewaxing time by 35%.

It's nice to see some discussion here of non-SLA technology once in a while.


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