DTM files suit against EOS (2)

From: Christian Nelson (nelson@dtm-corp.com)
Date: Thu Feb 22 1996 - 22:00:06 EET

> Retransmission of DTM press release. CN.
     Company Claims EOS Knowingly Using DTM Patented Technology in Line of
     EOSINT Rapid Prototyping Systems
     For Immediate Release
     Thursday, February 22, 1996
     Austin, TX: Today, DTM Corporation disclosed that it has filed suit in
     France against EOS GmbH (a Zeiss company), EOS France and an EOS
     customer in France, POLYREPO, for infringement of European patents
     covering portions of DTM's Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) process for
     manufacturing rapid prototypes. At the request of DTM, French
     authorities have seized and examined an EOS EOSINT system.
     Independent legal experts have determined, that in their opinion,
     there is a clear infringement of DTM's European patent EP-B-0287657.
     DTM intends to actively defend unauthorized use of its intellectual
     property worldwide. It is DTM's objective to have EOS immediately
     cease the development, marketing and sale of rapid prototyping systems
     that illegally incorporate the use of DTM's patented technology for
     producing prototypes using the SLS process.
     According to John Murchison III, DTM's President and CEO, "It is
     disappointing that EOS continues to infringe upon other companies
     intellectual property. It is our desire to resolve this issue as
     quickly as possible."
     DTM Corporation develops, manufactures and markets rapid prototyping
     systems using the SLS process. DTM has the exclusive worldwide
     license to the SLS process. DTM products are sold worldwide by DTM
     and its agents.
     For additional information, contact DTM Corporation, 1611 Headway
     Circle, Austin, TX 78754; (512) 339-2922, fax (512) 832-6753.
     Questions regarding this release should be directed to:
     Mr. Kent Nutt
     Marketing Communications Manager
     DTM Corporation
     (512) 339-2922
     Ms. Soon Mee Kim
     Baron, McDonald & Wells
     (770) 492-0373

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