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From: M. Burns ( ((
Date: Sat Feb 24 1996 - 08:18:08 EET

On Fri, 23 Feb 1996 wrote:
> Anyone have an address where we can reach Paul Jacobs?

     George Fadel posted the address for 3D Systems. In addition, some
people may wish to fax a note of good wishes to +1 (805) 257-1200.

     I talked to Paul today. He is in good spirits, but he has been hurt
badly. He will be out of work for several weeks, at least. He is looking
forward to getting back to work, but is basically thanking God for his
life right now. He hit a stopped pick-up truck while driving in heavy
rain on a stormy night earlier this week in Los Angeles.

     For those who may be newcomers to the RP community, Paul Jacobs is
the director of R&D at 3D Systems and so is responsible for much of the
amazing progress there in the last several years. He has been an
outspoken proponent of Stereolithography as well as RP in general. While
not everyone has always agreed with his points of view, no one can doubt
that his energy and creativity have helped to push this industry ahead.

     I'm sure everyone will join in wishing Paul a speedy recovery.

Best regards,
Marshall Burns

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