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From: 820504@cast.itri.org.tw
Date: Wed Feb 28 1996 - 00:30:00 EET

Dear RP'ers,
     We are trying to make injection molds by TAFA arc spray equipment, and
the master patterns are SLA patterns. Since the material of the molding
parts will be PP(Polypropylene), the material used for sprayed metal mold
backup should sustain high temperature & high pressure. According to TAFA's
application data, it prefers for mold backup using some kind of special
low-melt castable alloy named TAFALOY 4328 over using cast epoxy resins . We
don't know how to make choice; perhaps there is someone who would like to
give us comments on the following questions:

1. If TAFALOY 4328 is used for sprayed metal mold backup, will the SLA
master pattern be damaged during the mold preheating procedure(temp.:150-175
F) prior to casting TAFALOY 4328?

2. Does anyone have experience in using CIBA-GEIGY's LY5210 resin combined
with HY2954 hardener and "steel" powder for sprayed metal mold backup? Is
the so-called "steel" powder the same as the iron powder?

3. If you were the one who has to choose material for sprayed metal mold
backup, what material would you use?

Thank you all!!

Milton Deng
Center for Aviation & Space Technology, ITRI
E-mail: 820504@cast.itri.org.tw

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