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From: Fernando Ribeiro (fernando@zeus.dei.uminho.pt)
Date: Wed Feb 28 1996 - 10:39:39 EET


        My name is Fernando Ribeiro, I am a Portuguese who just finished a PhD
in the Rapid Prototyping field at Cranfield University and I am interested
in continuing my research in this area. Now, I am back in my country where I
work as a research at a University called (MINHO UNIVERSITY).

        I am interested in being added to this mailing list if possible.

        I also would like to publish my work in an international conference or
a journal of the speciality. I wonder if you know of any conference in a
near future.

        I developed a RAPID PROTOTYPING technique using robot welding.
Basicaly, the user draw the component in a 3D CAD package like AutoCAD, and
then a routine will generate the robot program automaticaly with no human
intervention. Welding conditions, like voltage, Wire Feed Speed, Robot Speed
are also automaticaly generated. Reports regarding timings, consumables,
weight, etc. are also automaticaly generated.
        Several components were built and Ive got plenty of photografs to show. I have a couple of papers relating to this work.


Antonio Fernando Macedo Ribeiro EMail: fernando@zeus.dei.uminho.pt
Universidade do Minho WWW: http://www.cranfield.ac.uk/~cm324s/
Campus de Azurem Tel: + 351 (0)53 510190
4800 GUIMARAES (Portugal) Fax: + 351 (0)53 510189

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