IGES files from HP Solid Designer

From: Jan Willem Gunnink (GUNNINK@tno.prc.tno.nl)
Date: Wed Feb 28 1996 - 11:28:27 EET

Dear Nils and other RP & CAD-CAM users

We have had the same problems with translating the HP-SD-IGES files to
I/EMS. We solved it this way:

In the IGES translator of HP-SD are four possiblities given:

1. Trimmed
2. Untrimmed
3. Wireframe and
4. Trimmed parametric with sub-possibilities:
   - close para.
   - polyline as.
   - norm. as.

We got the best result (still it was not 100% correct) by choosing
option 4 "Trimmed parametric". We found no difference by using one of
the sub-possibilities. They gave all (in our case) the same result.

If you want to know more send a mail to my collegue and IGES-
wizzard Marco Mooij. Adress:


I hope that this information will help you !!!

Kind Reagards

Jan-Willem Gunnink


In our institute we use I/MAXMILL for three and four axis milling
from 3D-CAD data (I/EMS or IGES) on MIKRON and DECKEL milling
machines. In june 96 we will get (we bought it of course, nothing
is free in life) a JOBS/JOTECH five-axis milling machine. Is
there anybody who has some experience with five-axis milling on
I/MAXMILL and / or / with a JOBS/JOTECH milling- machine? Please mail
me so we can exchange some thoughts and experiences!!!

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