PHIDAS project?

From: Justin R Kidder (
Date: Wed Feb 28 1996 - 19:56:01 EET

Hello everyone,
  I am new to this group, so please bear with me, as I may have some
relatively simple questions over the next few weeks or so (until I'm
an expert ;) ). I am working on a project involving medical applications:
prosthetics and orthopedics RP'ing. In my background research, I ran
across something called PHIDIAS, which seems to be a medical applications
"standard" for RP based on the CLI format. Could anyone fill me in on
just how useful this would be for me?
   I understand that CLI is a better format choice for RP than say, STL,
which is based on tessellation as opposed to contours. Is this true? If
so, why?
  I am also considering segmentation methods for the CT/MRI data that we
are going to use. This is really the wrong group for this, but is there
any advantage to using slice-by-slice segmentation as opposed to a
volumetric segmentation? In terms of accuracy, and usability of the
model for RP as well.
  Thank you all very much. I'm sure that you'll here more from me, so
please be patient with my questions. Maybe it will all come back around
someday (if I'm lucky).

Justin Kidder

Automation and Robotics Laboratory
University of Massachusetts, Amherst

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