Re: PHIDAS project?

From: Justin R Kidder (
Date: Wed Feb 28 1996 - 22:21:19 EET

pierce wrote:
> > I understand that CLI is a better format choice for RP than say, STL,
> >which is based on tessellation as opposed to contours. Is this true? If
> >so, why?
> I don't think the statement is unilaterally true. I think it depends
> on the application/use of the prototype and the target RP machine upon
> which the prototype will be built. The problem with contoured formats
> is that they pretty much enforce a given layer thickness when it comes
> time to build a prototype.
> Without starting a flame war as to which is the better format, I'm
> sure others in the group will be happy to elaborate further :-)

Oops, let me correct that...what I meant was that for *medical* applications,
I understand that contour-based is better than STL. Please forgive my
previous statement, I don't want to start any flame wars ;-)


Automation and Robotics Laboratory
University of Massachusetts, Amherst

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