(resume) seeking Mech Eng position in Product Design/Mfg

From: Sherveen Lotfi (slotfi@bwc.org)
Date: Thu Feb 29 1996 - 15:17:23 EET

Dear fellow RP'ers,

I am interested in Mechanical Engineering opportunities in the area of
Product Design and Manufacturing, with emphasis on Life-cycle Value
Engineering. This area is of interest to me because I feel that the
Life-cycle approach to Product Design is an extremely innovative approach
that can significantly enhance any manufacturer's global competitiveness.

I am familiar with every phase of product development- from conceptual
design to prototyping and value engineering (design for manufacturability,
serviceability, recyclability, etc.). The most stimulating challenge of
engineering for me is the search for innovative solutions to traditional
engineering obstacles- on shop floors, in design offices, and on
construction sites. The combination of my advanced degree, versatility,
and well-developed communication skills have made me a valuable member of
many technical teams. I also bring with me a history of leadership in
organizations such as the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, where I
served as a member of the Columbus Ohio Chapter's Executive Committee from
1991 to 1993.

In April I will conclude my voluntary service with a $250M design and
construction project at the World Administrative Centre of the Baha'i
Faith in Israel. I joined the project's design team at the request of the
Principle Architect, and subsequently joined the Project Manager's team on
site. It has been an honor for me to be part of this effort, and I have
had a positive and diversified experience as part of a multi-disciplinary
team of engineers working on a globally significant project. During this
period of service my remuneration has been based on NGO standards, and I,
therefore, cannot report a salary history.

I would like to have the opportunity to meet with you in person to
further discuss my background and qualifications and how they can be of
value to your company. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sherveen Lotfi

                            RESUME: SHERVEEN LOTFI

350 South Morwood Avenue Phone: (610) 678-0859
West Lawn, Pennsylvania 19609 Fax: (215) 349-1129
United States e-mail: slotfi@bwc.org

                               CAREER OBJECTIVE
A position as a Mechanical or Manufacturing Engineer in area of Product
Design and Manufacturing with emphasis on Concurrent Design and Life-cycle
Value Engineering

                            ENGINEERING EXPERIENCE

Mechanical Engineer: July 1993 - April 1996
Mount Carmel Projects (October 1994 - April 1996) - Haifa, Israel
Arc Design International (July 1993 - October 1994) - Vancouver, Canada
 * Appointed as consultant to Design Architect and Project Manager of
   $250M design and construction project at World Administrative Centre of
   Baha'i Faith
 * Coordinated architectural, structural, mechanical, plumbing, and
   electrical drawings
 * Produced saving of over $300,000 in consultant's fees by preparing
   shop drawings for sleeving in consultation with Project Manager's site
   and design teams, and Mechanical and Structural Contractors

Graduate Research Associate: January 1992 - June 1993
Life-cycle Engineering Group - Ohio State University
 * Developed expert system software and methodology for Manufacturing
   Process and Material Selection for Alcoa by incorporating Artificial
   Intelligence techniques into Geometry Characterization, Cost Modeling,
   Group Technology, and Design for Net Shape Manufacturing
 * Published in Elsevier Journal of Advances in Engineering Software and
   presented at 1993 ASME Computers in Engineering Conference

Lab Founder & Manager: May 1990 - January 1992
Center for Net Shape Manufacturing - Ohio State University
 * Created Rapid Design Prototyping Laboratory (funded by General Electric)
 * Designed and analyzed experimental parts on PCs and produced prototypes
   on table-top CNC mills, lathes, and injection molding machines, thereby
   putting Rapid Design Prototyping Laboratory into practical
   interdisciplinary use for all faculty and students
 * Developed lab curriculum for College of Engineering's technical
   elective CAD/CAM course (Mechanical Engineering 664)
 * Instructed graduate and undergraduate students enrolled in laboratory
   section of ME 664, thereby putting Rapid Design Prototyping Laboratory
   facility into academic use


Ohio State University - Columbus, Ohio

  * Master of Science, Mechanical Engineering - August 1993
    Emphasis: CAD/CAM, Rapid Design Prototyping, Concurrent Engineering
    Thesis: "An Expert System for Process Selection in Aluminum Design"

  * Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering - December 1991


Society of Manufacturing Engineer- Associate Member
 * Executive Committee Member, Bulletin Editor- Columbus Ohio Professional
   Chapter 36 (1991-1993), received recognition awards from Chapter
   Chairmen in 1992 and 1993
 * Founding and Executive Committee Member, Recruitment Chairman- Ohio
   State Student Chapter S205 (1990-1991), 2nd place in SME's National
   Student Recruiting Competition in 1991

American Society of Mechanical Engineers - Associate Member


 * Yu, J., Lotfi, S., Ishii, K., and Trageser, A., (1993) "Process
   Selection for the Design of Aluminum Components" Proceeding of the
   ASME International Computers in Engineering Conference, San Diego,
   California, also published in the Elsevier Journal of Advances in
   Engineering Software

 * "The Development and Application of Knowledge Based Expert Systems in
   Design and Manufacturing", April 1993, lecture in Knowledge Based
   Systems in Engineering, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio

 * "Computer Aided Design in Manufacturing Process Selection", June 1992,
   Fourth Annual Life-cycle Design Lab / NSF Engineering Research Center
   for Net Shape Manufacturing Joint Meeting, Columbus, Ohio

 * "Cutting Edge", Editor, Monthly Publication of Chapter 36 of The
   Society of Manufacturing Engineers

                         COMPUTING EXPERIENCE SUMMARY

 * AutoCAD (7 yrs), Ansys (2 yrs), SDRC I-Deas (1 yr), MoldFlow (1 yr),
   MasterCAM (1 yr), Gibbs ncCAD and ncCAM (3 yrs), 3D Studio (1 yr),
   Schlumberger MacBravo (2 yrs)

 * Microsoft Word (5 yrs), Microsoft Excel (3 yrs), Lotus Ami Pro
   (2 yrs), Lotus 1-2-3 (2 yrs), WordPerfect (4 yrs), Aldus Pagemaker
   (3 yrs), DBase (2 yrs)

 * Unix (5 yrs), Microsoft DOS (8 yrs), Microsoft Windows (4 yrs),
   Macintosh (4 yrs)

                             PERSONAL INFORMATION

 * Passed Engineer in Training (Fundamentals of Engineering) examination
   in June 1992 in pursuit of Professional Engineering registration

 * Strong verbal and written communication skills; experienced in public
   speaking, and technical writing; proven aptitude at working with
   interdisciplinary design teams

 * United States citizen


 * Professor Kos Ishii (Thesis Advisor)
   Stanford University, Department of Mechanical Engineering
   Phone: (415) 725-1840,Fax: (415) 723-3521
   e-mail: ishii@cdr.stanford.edu

 * Professor Gary Kinzel (Rapid Prototyping Lab Faculty Advisor)
   Ohio State University, Department of Mechanical Engineering
   Phone: (614) 292-6884, Fax: (614) 292-3163
   e-mail: kinzel.1@osu.edu

 * Mr. Fariborz Sahba (Project Manager of Arc Project)
   Mount Carmel Projects - Haifa, Israel
   Phone: 972 4 835-8237, Fax: 972 4 835-8437
   e-mail: sahba@bwc.org

 * Mr. Hossein Amanat (Design Architect of Arc Project)
   Arc Design International - Vancouver, Canada
   Phone: (604) 433-9812, Fax: (604) 433-7192
   e-mail: arc@helix.net

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