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Date: Tue Mar 05 1996 - 16:46:55 EET

Dear RP world,

Are there any one who has more information about MUST (Manufacturing Using
Spray peening Technology) other than supplied in the Reference (Rapid
Prototyping turns to PM for new solutions, MPR (UK), Mar. 1995, pg.'s. 30-33).

According to the reference, the technology originally developed in a
BRITE-Euram program and Sprayforming Developments Ltd. of Swansea, UK is
continuing the development work that has also involved Univ. of Edinburgh,
Danish Tech. Inst., Grundfos Int'l. and Magma GmbH...

It seems that it is similar to MD* and Shape Deposition Modeling
technologies developed in Carnegie Mellon Univ. and Stanford Univ. respectively.

Erkut Negis

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