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From: Kelly Hand (
Date: Tue Mar 05 1996 - 20:35:49 EET

We think it's about time we stepped out of the shadows on the RP list and
introduced ourselves.
Satellite Models is a Product Prototyping business located in Silicon Valley
near San Francisco. We are currently a 16 member team that has been around
for about 10 years and have enjoyed an excellent reputation with the local
high tech companies. We offer foam modeling, CAD development with Pro/E,
CAD/CAM appearance models, prototypes and engineering check models as well
as master patterns for our in house RTV molding and urethane casting.
And now we are offering Stereolithography.
We bought the SLA 500 (along with all the assorted paraphernalia, including
a honey extractor for Quick Cast parts) last August. We feel now that we are
through the painful learning curve (at least we hope we are through the
majority of it) we can offer our services to the other service bureaus as
preasure relief for their overflow. We have an experienced operator and
finishers, so we are confident that we can offer very high quality work. And
because we are not yet at capacity on our machine, we can offer good
turnaround times and very competitive pricing.
In other words, we are in the initial stages of building our SLA client
base, but we still have those pesky bills to pay. So if you need a resource
that does high quality work and is very reliable, give us some thought, and
hopefully in the future when we are booked to capacity and need some help
with our overflow, we can return the favor.

Regards, Kelly Hand

Satellite Models
950 Rengstorff Ave. Ste. C
Mountain View, CA. 94043
ph. 415-903-3540
fax 415-968-3723

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