Re[2]: Offer services

Date: Wed Mar 06 1996 - 15:48:52 EET

Jim: Since when are you the spokesperson for the RP-ml??? Did you
ever stop to think that maybe Kelly and her group are new-comers to the
list and did not realize that there had been rules set up right from
the beginning about not advertising? I sure hope that not everyone in
Austin Texas is this rude.


I detect a FLAME coming!


This format incase you had not noticed, is for information about the
advancements of RP and the discussion techniques to help others not a blatant
vehicle for selling yourself!!! Thats why we pay for advertising.
 This is the kind of stuff we ( I'm speaking for the RP-ml group) do not
care to litter up the screen with. Go back to the shadows and take it some
were else!

Told you it would be a flame.


> We think it's about time we stepped out of the shadows on the RP list and
> introduced ourselves.

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