Re: Re[2]: Offer services

From: Holger Wirtz (
Date: Thu Mar 07 1996 - 21:58:30 EET

On Mar 6, 8:48am, wrote:
> Subject: Re[2]: Offer services
> Jim: Since when are you the spokesperson for the RP-ml??? Did you
> ever stop to think that maybe Kelly and her group are new-comers to the
> list and did not realize that there had been rules set up right from
> the beginning about not advertising? I sure hope that not everyone in
> Austin Texas is this rude.


these rules are distributed with the first mail someone signing up for rp-ml
automatically gets through the mailing list management system ("Welcome to
rp-ml"). This document specifically states that advertisements should not be
placed unless they are informative, e.g. they provide information about a new
process etc..


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