Re: Re[2]: Offer services

From: Ernie Guinn (
Date: Fri Mar 08 1996 - 00:47:00 EET

Yes the rules were broken. Maybe the rules should be changed. Kelly and
her group stated they had extra machine capacity, Sure it is advertising,
but to some people I bet it was useful information. Useful information is
allowed isn't it? To be honest a lot of the e-mail on the rp-ml is not
useful to most of us. Kelly's e-mail was clearly marked Subject: Offer
services, I chose to open it and read it. I could of trashed it quickly
like a lot of the mail I get. Maybe another ml would be a better place for
this kind of information and if it is thats fine with me. I think the
potential of a ml is awesome and this one is no where near its full
protential. One thing is for sure, you will see more junk mail about what
someone did wrong, than poeple doing something wrong.

Ernie Guinn
Stature Prototyping

      At 07:58 PM 3/7/96 +0000, you wrote:
>On Mar 6, 8:48am, wrote:
>> Subject: Re[2]: Offer services
>> Jim: Since when are you the spokesperson for the RP-ml??? Did you
>> ever stop to think that maybe Kelly and her group are new-comers to the
>> list and did not realize that there had been rules set up right from
>> the beginning about not advertising? I sure hope that not everyone in
>> Austin Texas is this rude.
>these rules are distributed with the first mail someone signing up for rp-ml
>automatically gets through the mailing list management system ("Welcome to
>rp-ml"). This document specifically states that advertisements should not be
>placed unless they are informative, e.g. they provide information about a new
>process etc..

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