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From: Thomas G. Loebig (
Date: Fri Mar 08 1996 - 20:29:34 EET

As a subscriber to another ml (BIOMCH-L, for biomechanics and movement
sciences), I've seen this type of "debate" before. The administrators of
that list solved the bulk of the advertising problem and its consequences by
establishing a Yellow Pages listing that is sent out periodically and when a
subscriber's/advertiser's services are announced or modified. If someone is
limited in accessing the Web, this additional service would be invaluable.


 ------ From: Ian Gibson, Thu, Mar 7, 1996 ------

end up with additional mail, could we have an rp-ml version of the rp
directory? Those who wish to publicise their services could add their
company name to the list which could be kept as one of the archives of rp-ml.

Thomas G. Loebig, MSME Allegheny-Singer Research Institute
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