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Date: Sat Mar 09 1996 - 01:15:11 EET

(I am using my friends computer to send this message.)
1. SLA build time report is available on our new ftp server. It is an MS
Word (version 6?) document.
                host name:
                login as: anonymous
                password: your email address
                path: anonymous/pub/outgoing/SLABuildtime/BuildtimeReport.doc
If you have any difficulties in accessing the file, please let me know.

2. 3D recommends a pre-dip delay of 25 seconds for SL5170 and 70 seconds
for SL5180. I really wonder how many rp-ers are really using these values.
At prototype express, we are using about 10 seconds for both resins. Dave
Flynn and I did some tests on the effect of pre-dip delay on z error and
got some unexpected results. I'll be presenting our results at the SLA
user group meeting and Dave says he will be busy heckling, and booing.
 (Dave! you forgot one thing. You are the co-author and I'll make sure your
name appears on every slide.)

Would everyone using SLAs answer the following two questions please.

1. How much pre-dip delay are you using for SL5170?
        xxxx seconds
2. How much pre-dip delay are you using for SL5180?
        xxxx seconds


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