Re: Proposed new rule

Date: Tue Mar 12 1996 - 13:01:09 EET

I propose WE ban:
1) Self-serving messages from machine suppliers.
2) Self-serving messages from software suppliers.
3) Self-serving messages from industry consultants.
4) Self-serving messages from book authors.
5) Self-serving messages from legal firms.
6) Messages about conferences which require a fee for attendance.
7) Messages about specific problems with commercial RP machines
      (How do I set parameter XXX on my YYY machine so the
       thing-a-ma-jig does (or does not) do ZZZ)
8) Messages about specific problems with commercial software.
9) Messages about topics which have been discussed REPEATEDLY over
   the years. (New name for RP; Replacement for STL; ..)
10) Messages seeking or announcing positions which pay money.
11) Messages about mindless surveys.
12) Flames directed at someone who
      a) got off his/her (pc) ass and b) quit a Real job and
      c) invested Real money to make this technology work
    when the flame is from someone who did not.
13) Messages from free-speech-hating control freaks.

This would save lots of internet bandwidth, since nothing would be left.

Two points:
1) Just about everything on this list is annoying to Somebody.
2) Everyone on this list is making a living from RP, or hopes to
   in the near future.
Lighten Up.

(If I did not mention Your messages, the omission was not intentional)

OOPS, forgot to sign the last one..

C. Brock Rooney, Pres., Brock Rooney & Associates Inc. (Brockware)
       268 George St. Birmingham MIchigan 48009 USA
(810) 645-0236 fax/bbs (810) 645-9020 email

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