Exactomer-like parts on an SLA-500

From: Douglas D Greenwood (cn2216@coastalnet.com)
Date: Tue Mar 12 1996 - 16:45:34 EET

Dear RPer's:

I have a need to build some SLA parts in a resin which will withstand
immersion in water. The part at 1:1 scale measures 0.843"x3.085"x3.941"
(XYZ), with a desire for a model at 2:1 scale. We built similar
(smaller) parts last time using Exactomer and had good results, but
would like to use an SLA500 this time for cost reasons. Is there
a resin out there like Exactomer for an SLA500 and is anyone using it?

Thanks in advance.

Doug Greenwood
910-326-6010 phone
910-326-1261 fax
email dgrnwood@coastalnet.com

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