From: Hubert Aunkofer (100673.1767@compuserve.com)
Date: Wed Mar 13 1996 - 17:44:35 EET

Press Release - for immediate release


The claim by DTM in their press release dated 22nd February that French
authorities "seized and examined" an EOSINT system is somewhat misleading. In
fact the authorities inspected the machine at the customer site without
interrupting its operation. The official protocol of the inspection makes no
reference to any possible infringement of patents.

Neither the use of the EOSINT machines by any customers nor the sale of EOSINT
systems by EOS has been restricted in any way. Polyrepro is working as usual
with their EOSINT P350 machine.

EOS and its patent attorneys, after careful examination of the facts, are sure
that the patent in question will be withdrawn for several reasons. The
laser-sintering process itself is described in prior art patents dating back as
far as the early 1970's and is therefore no longer protectable. With the full
support of parent company Zeiss, EOS has filed opposition against the patent in
question and is awaiting the ruling of the European Patent Office in this
matter. On the basis of our thorough research EOS is confident of a successful
outcome in this matter.

Until the legal dispute is finally clarified, EOS is of course willing to
release customers from legal challenges by third parties relating to
intellectual property rights, in accordance with its standard sales and delivery

EOS GmbH Electro Optical Systems
Zeiss Group

Pasinger Str. 2
D-82152 Planegg, Germany

11th March 1996, 18.00

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