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From: Raymond Hope (
Date: Thu Mar 14 1996 - 04:09:33 EET

On Tue, 12 Mar 1996, Michael J. Denest wrote:

> I am estimating a project to construct a plywood mock up of an aircraft
> fuselage cockpit section. The mock up is expected to be ready for use by mid
> April so I am interested in someone who has the ability to laser cut plywood
> from CAD data. The construction is similar to the rubber power model airplane
> type using formers and stringers. The OML will be thin plywood formed over the
> surface. Please reply to my e-mail address

I am doing a PhD at The University Of Queensland in Australia. My
research is in rapid prototyping of large objects (bigger than a meter cubed).
We are currently using a five axis water jet cutter to cut layers from
CAD data. We will be using sloped edges on the layers (not square edges
that create a step effect), to achieve a better surface on the model.

I understand that being in Australia it would not be possible to make your
mock up here, but thought you might be interested in what I am doing.

Ray Hope

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The University of Queensland
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