RE: Laser Cutting Service

From: Connelly, Rob - BDRC (
Date: Fri Mar 15 1996 - 17:14:02 EET


I know of a place in Florida that laser cuts just about anything. I know
that they have the capability to cut large and small parts, but I am not
aware of their experience with plywood. Perhaps you could give them a call.
 They have done several projects for me in the past - always high quality
and surprisingly good turnaround time. I know that they use CAD data to
drive their equipment, but I do not know which forms they accept. Good


   Lasertron, Inc.
   Attn: Gary Geller
   (305) 846-8600

 - Rob
Rob Connelly
Becton Dickinson Research Center
21 Davis Dr.
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709
(919) 990-2263
(919) 990-2211 FAX

From: Michael J. Denest
To: RP-ML Mailing List
Subject: Laser Cutting Service
Date: Tuesday, March 12, 1996 5:39PM

I am estimating a project to construct a plywood mock up of an aircraft
fuselage cockpit section. The mock up is expected to be ready for use by
April so I am interested in someone who has the ability to laser cut plywood

from CAD data. The construction is similar to the rubber power model
type using formers and stringers. The OML will be thin plywood formed over

surface. Please reply to my e-mail address


Mike Denest
Boeing Defense and Space Group
Helicopters Division
Rapid Prototyping Center

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