Re: tooling

From: Jason Quinn (
Date: Fri Mar 15 1996 - 22:43:33 EET

        The best site I've seen on rp tooling is Parts Now site at They have lots of graphics and even
examples with prices (which is the BEST part). If I had come across
their site six months earlier I would have used their service but
I had already machined my prototype in the standard fashion.
        They claim 4-6 days actual time to process with a line of
about 3-4 weeks in cue. Apparently any metal that can be cast is
feasible with standard molding tolerances. I'm still skeptical
but the next time I have a non-critical small job I'm going to
test out their service.
        If you hear of any other services please drop a note to
this newsgroup, I'd like to check out their competition.
                Jason Quinn

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