.stl specs

From: Kartheek V. Hirode (kartheek@enuxsa.eas.asu.edu)
Date: Mon Mar 18 1996 - 00:15:49 EET

                A couple quick questions..
        1) Where are the official .STL specs available?
         (similar to elaborate CLI specs at

        2) I've been looking for STEP stds for RP (file formats etc)...
           I've so far seen only one significant paper on this subject.
           At the 1995 SFF symposium at Austin,TX,USA by Charles Gilman &
           Stephen Rock..but I've had a hard time to get hold of the whole
           paper or even track the authors. I'd greatly appreciate if anybody
           who has the proceedings can send a copy (scan and email,if allowed)
           Any other leads are very welcome and will be "rapidly" consumed !

           Thx for time.
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