Re: SV: Medical Models

From: Ivar Klavenes (
Date: Mon Mar 18 1996 - 19:41:00 EET

Hello Ron Hollis

Im also seartching for a converter from CT-scanner to STL and seems to
found somting interesting.

1. CT - Modeler from a company named MATERIALISE. The company is in
 Belgium tlf.: +16 27 03 11. This program does more then converting to
STL so the price is high.

2. All the rest of sw is described and priced in Medical Image Volume
Visualization Software FAQ at

I found it by a LYCOS seartch at internet in the term DICOM3 ( a file
format from the scanner).

I intend to use it to verify implants before operations, by building on
our SLA-250.


Ivar Klavenes
North Norwegian Institute of Technology and Innovation

ivar @

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