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Date: Tue Mar 19 1996 - 03:26:28 EET

>> relating to some of the papers (Andre Dolenc and Georges Fadel). Firslty I
>> would like to know if Andre and Georges would like to comment.
>Some time this week I may visit the University for that purpose. By the way,
>I made several remarks to Ron's paper and for several weeks got no reply.

Your right. Ron, are you there?
Thanks, Andre. BTW I got mixed up - Georges' paper has had some discussion.
I meant to say that I posted some questions on Atif Yardimci's paper. People
on rp-ml may like to view his replies. Just in case you dont know by now,
the best place to start is from the main MCB conference homepage

>My general comment is that you are probably way ahead of times. (in
response to my paper - IG)

That is what research is all about isn't it?

>It is not
>my area of expertise, but here is my small contribution. In such an
>environment, the RP
>machine will be the starting point, I guess. If that is the case,
>then automation is more likely with RP processes where post-processing
>is "simple". Either the support structures must be simple, or non-existent:
>cleaning the part must be "easy". I guess that is the major bottleneck
>for the flexible RP cell (FLEXRAP?).

My view is that the support structures take on a different (or additional)
meaning. They not only lend support for overhangs but provide geometric
reference points (like feducials - spelling?), holding allowance, and also
structural strength to reduce distortion. DTM Rapid Tools is being marketted
on the principle that it can produce the hard to fabricate part of the tool.
If you need to produce a more accurate surface or reference point then you
make sure you add material that can be taken away later. Where more accurate
machining is required this can be done using conventional machining centre.
A form of near net shape manufacture.

>Parts are designed nowadays for manufacturing, so if a part can be
>designed such that the cleaning/postprocessing can be automated
>then maybe one has something here.......

One of my research students is working on this. A job for STEP perhaps?

>Ah, my second comment: give it an
>acronym; if it catches, you'll certainly gain notoriety! 8-) 8-) 8-)

Im notorious enough as it is. FLEXRAP? Sounds like something to keep my
sandwiches fresh.

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I'm sorry, I can't think of anything funny to say right now.

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