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Date: Wed Mar 20 1996 - 02:14:10 EET

Members of the rp mailing list,

        We are developing a CAD viewer software product for SGI
machines. Do you have, or know where we could find any
stereolithography, EDS facet or Pro/E render data we could use to demo
our product?

        The ideal data would be an assembly of a real object, composed
of several parts of some complexity. A car, a car engine or an
airplane, especially if it were a large dataset would be ideal.

        I have looked at the data at Clemson, but am hoping to find
data which more closely resembles the data we expect our customers to
have. I have also found data at 3D Systems (thank you very much to
Janine McQuade, Troy Roberts and Steve Chapman). I am looking at the
data at Avalon, but we need to distribute it as 3D objects, processed
into our data format, so we may not fit their guidelines. I may be
able to process data from other formats into stl, though part
divisions might be problematical.


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