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From: yoo ilsang (yis@kyebek.kjist.ac.kr)
Date: Wed Mar 20 1996 - 20:35:33 EET

Hello! RPers,

I am trying to slice 3-D part (object) in IDEAS or PRO/E to obtain sliced data
and finally to obtain scan data of slice.

I have sliced 3-D parts, which was 1.8" high, by 0.004" thickness in IDEAS to
obtain cross sections. After doing it i don't know how to handle the cross
sections to obtain scan data.

please tell me any references, how to handle it and so on.


Ilsang Yoo

CAD/CAM laboratory, KJIST, KOREA
Tel: 82-62-970-2423
FAX: 82-62-970-2384

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