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Date: Wed Mar 20 1996 - 15:07:47 EET wrote................................
>I want to start some conversation that will be helpful to us here
>The question that I keep asking myself is, "What is the next 'breakthrough'
>technology? I still wonder, "What's next..?"

Technology is the tools by which humans seeks to alter the their
environment. So what's next...
depends on what direction we decide to move. As we roll into the 21st
century the explosion of information resources will place great demands
and expectations on individuals and completely alter our employment and
leisure environments. How we personally resolve that dilemma will depend
on the individual's ability to harness this great flood.

Where are we heading with RP? MATERIALS, MATERIALS, MATERIALS....
You can have process after process and make widgets until they flood the
world but
until the technology allows widgets that add value to every process then
we are just re-inventing the wheel with a different spoke pattern.

Processes will have to allow the individual to be come productive and I
believe that somewhere
in someone's head is the perfect process lying waiting to come forth. This
process, like the personal computer, will alter how we as individuals work
and play.

Who holds the key to RP advancement? The unfortunate part of this
development may lie in the fact that it takes a strong belief in a dream
that many will deride and refuse to see. I look at how far the technology
has moved and realize that we could be light-years ahead if we could only
resolve how to work together. Open doors rather than close them, listen
rather than talk, help rather than attack, and most important believe that
anything is possible.

The impact of RP????? I believe that it opens doors that were long held to
be closed and impossible. It adds imagination, magic, and the ability to
create dreams. Why is that important?
Just look at what we have given our youth as a vision for the next century;
drugs, crime, debt, and jobs moving abroad. We have given them no tools
to deal with these problems much less a vision of what they can have and
achieve. Instead we have let politicians create our vision and set our
agendas rather than DEMANDING funding for education, research, and
technology advancement. Stupidity at it's highest level which shows that
we want the easy route.

 How does RP fit? It gives our youth a reason to think that they can
create their own world, their own vision and that they are NOT tied to past
generation's mistakes and beliefs. They can try it for themselves!!!

Why not other technologies? Because RP gives a physical representation of
data, information, and computer generated images. Regardless of how much
we use any other technology and it's benefit.....the physical touch will
always be the primary reason for RP's success. Humans want to be touched
in all aspects of their lives and holding something in your hand takes away
any threat, unbelief, and fear. We live in a physical world, touched
everyday by millions of things. If we substitute fantasy we realize that
it only lasts for a short time and then we are disappointed and
confused......physical reality makes us sure that we are real. Seeing is
believing and RP makes it happen even if today it ain't rapid .

Already in the 21st century.......

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