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From: Fernando Ribeiro (fernando@zeus.dei.uminho.pt)
Date: Thu Mar 21 1996 - 10:41:15 EET


    My name is Fernando Ribeiro and I sent recently a message to the RP
    mailing list talking about my work which consisted of Rapid Prototyping
    using Robot Welding. I received ten's of questions about this process
    specialy about its quality, time, materials, and comparison with the
    work being developed at Nottingham Univeristy (UK).

    We have been working on this process almost as long as Nottingham Univ.
    but we were unable to talk about our work due to a confidentiality
    agreement between Cranfield Univ. and the Industrial Sponsor.

    Well, although we are still not allowed to talk too much about it
    we were allowed to show some of the components we made.
    To show you the differences between Cranfield Work and Nottingham work
    I am exhibiting some of the components made by us on my WEB page:

    Therefore, you can now see by yourself the quality of the components,
    surface finishing, type of components,etc. I believe that it is worth
    having a look.

    Have a look on pages:

    http://www.uportu.pt/~fernando/ (my home page)
    http://www.uportu.pt/~fernando/rp.html (my RP page/photos of metal components)

    I sent a paper describing the concept of this process to the
    5th European conference on Rapid Prototyping and manufacturing
    to be held in Helsinki on the 4-6 June 1996. I hope to be accepted.

    I just sent another paper describing the full process and including
    the description of some samples made to the 6th Annual Solid Freeform
    Fabrication Symposium will be held in Austin, Texas August 12-14, 1996.
    I hope to be accepted as well.

Hope you like my RP WEB page

best regards

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