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Date: Thu Mar 21 1996 - 20:25:59 EET

Dear Dan and RP-World,

     Ken Hayworth, an engineering associate at Ennex Fabrication, will be
speaking next weekend at the Entrepreneurs Conference in Golden,
Colorado. The title of his talk is:

     Automated Fabrication: A Hobbyist's Perspective.

Ken will be talking about his dream of owning a fabricator that he can
use at home to work on little commercial projects. His model for seeing
this come about is the Homebrew Computer Club in Silicon Valley in the
1970s. Ken is a brilliant engineer who will be helping to bring this
revolution about.

     The Entrepreneurs Conference (EntCon) is sponsored by Midnight
Engineering Magazine, which featured a cover story on autofab a couple of
months ago. The conference runs March 29..31 and costs only $199. It's at
the Denver Marriott West Hotel in Golden, Colorado. For more info, call
(719) 254-4558, fax (719) 254-4517.

Best regards,
Marshall Burns

ANNOUNCEMENT: I will be co-teaching a new short course, called "Agile
              Manufacturing and Rapid Prototyping," at CalTech in March,
              and again in June. For a brochure contact Toni Parhizgar
              at (818) 395-3746 or

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