RE: Mac-Based 3D Renderings

From: Brian Bauman (
Date: Sat Mar 23 1996 - 20:02:31 EET


Check out FormZ by Autodessys. It should do what you want.

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        Columbus, Ohio 43221
        Phone: 614-488-9777

Last I checked, it was about $1500, however, if you know anyone who is going to school, they can get it at a much reduced educational discount.

They make it in native and power modes.

You should be able to find a demo version on America Online.

Hope this helps.

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Sent: Friday, March 22, 1996 3:27 PM
Subject: Mac-Based 3D Renderings

I'm looking for a Mac-Based 3D Software package to produce near-photographic
images from 3D solid/Surface CAD Models. I would like to:
1) import IGES, STL, or native CAD,
2) manipulate 3D orientation,
3) adjust lighting, reflectivity, colors, etc.
4) then export a near photographic-quality rendering on a super-printer

Is anyone out there using such a package?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Steve Deak
Hasbro Toy Group
Cincinnati, Ohio USA

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