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From: Ong Patricia S. K. (
Date: Wed Mar 27 1996 - 03:40:43 EET

RP-ml mailing list info

Andre Dolenc at the University of Helsinki Finland has set up a mailing
list for people interested in
the Rapid Prototyping Technologies. To join the list, send an e-mail to: and in the subject of the message send the message:
subscribe rp-ml
To unsubscribe, send the message to the same address, and in the subject
line, enter:
unsubscribe rp-ml
The mailing list server automatically keeps a digest of all the messages
posted. You can obtain
them by issuing the command "get rp-ml put-the-file-name-here" to
The possible file names are listed below. The list was obtained by
issuing the command "index
rp-ml" to ""

On Tue, 26 Mar 1996, Jongseong Kim wrote:

> To whom it may concern :
> Could you add my address to your mailing list on Rapid Prototyping?
> My name and e-mail address are as follows :
> Name : Jongseong Kim
> e-mail :
> If you need more information, please e-mail me.
> Regards

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