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Dear partners!

You might be interested in the final program of the
2nd International Conference on Rapid Product Development
(ICRPD) from June 10-11, 1996 in Stuttgart.

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- International Conference on
Rapid Product Development

Messe Stuttgart International
June 10 - 11, 1996


The organisation of product development is becoming a
key task for companies in an increasingly turbulent
environment. The starting point for all considerations
must be the efficiency of new production techniques for
prototypes, the so-called "Generative manufacturing
methods" or also "Rapid prototyping technologies". They
are revolutioning the development process on account
of the rapid availability of almost every kind of prototype.
However, the attainable rationalisation and innovation
potential also depends to a large extent on the
organisation of the environment of these new
manufacturing methods. This includes the continuity of
information chains, intelligent forms of organisation, lean
project management, strict cost targets and constant
cost transparency, specific involvement of customers,
evolutionary quality management, selec- tion and
integration of partners, transfer of empirical knowledge,
and much more.

ICRPD ist the first international conference which sets
out to examine all aspecs of future product development
as well in detail as in their interdependence. Due to the
excellent response it will be held for the second time in
1996. For the new con- cept the numerous stimulative
ideas from trade visitors have been taken into acount.

- The 2nd lCRPD will be held over two days with
parallel sessions. This will ensure that all important
topics can be discussed to an adequate extent.

- The presentation of the papers is geared towards
the requirement of specific target groups - from
management, applications or science - which
ensures that the latest information will be provided
on a more needs-oriented basis.

The conference will be held concurrent with CAT'96, the
international trade fair for computer-aided technologies.
During a special show at CAT'96 new ways of designing
development processes by including the new
technologies will be demonstrated.

(There will be German and Englisch sessions.
   All sessions will be translated simlutaneously.)

Session 1
June 10, 09.00-12.00


Welcome and Conference Overview
Prof. Dr. H.J. Bullinger, Fraunhofer-Institut Arbeitswirtschaft
und Organisation (FhG - IAO), Germany

Future Potential of Rapid Product Development - A
Concept integrating Organizational Aspects
Prof. Dr. H.J. Bullinger, Fraunhofer-Institut Arbeitswirtschaft
und Organisation (FhG - IAO), Germany

Research and Application of Rapid Prototyping in Japan
Prof. T. Nakagawa, University of Tokyo, Institute of Industrial
Science, Japan

The Status of Rapid Prototyping in Europe
Dr. H. J. Langer, Electro Optical Systems (EOS) GmbH,

Achieving Functional Metal Parts using Rapid
S. Loose, Queensland Manufacturing Institute (QMI),

Lunch Break

Session 2

June 10, 13.30-17.00
(30 minutes per session)

Management of Development Processes I

A Faster Way to Better Products by Innovation- and
Prof. Dr. H.-J. Weber. Hochschule fuer Technik und Wirtschaft
des Saarlands, Germany

Framework Technology for Enabling Integrated Product
Prof. Dr. K. Bender, K. Bindbeutel, Technische Universitaet
Muenchen, Lehrstuhl fuer Informationstechnik im
Maschinenwesen (itm), Germany

Management of Participative Product Development
B. Lorschneider, A. Westerwick, Dr. P. Fuchs-Frohnhofen, H.
Unger, RWTH Aachen, Lehrstuhl Informatik im Maschinenbau
und Hochschuldidaktisches Zentrum IMA/HDZ, Germany

Management of Development Processes II

New Product Development: Management of Process and
Dr. W. P. Lewis, The University of Melbourne, Department of
Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, Australia

Processes for Conception and Design of New Products
J. Tresserras, J. R. MÈndez, Universitat de Girona,

Shortened Product Development Time by Means of
Integrated Design and Process Planning
Prof. Dr. W. Eversheim, W. Koelscheid, RWTH Aachen,
Laboratorium fuer Werkzeugmaschinen und Betriebslehre
(WZL), Germany

Session 3

June 10, 13.30-17.00
(30 minutes per session)

Reverse Engineering I

Quality Control Process of Geometric Data via 3D-
Prof. O. Ohtmer, California State University, Long Beach
Department of Mechanical Engineering, USA

Reverse Engineering Process
C. Crump, Capture Geometry Inside (CGI), USA

3D-Shaping in CAD Systems by the Steps Creation -
Inspection - Optimization
Dr. S. Roth-Koch, Fraunhofer-Institut Produktionstechnik und
Automatisierung (FhG - IPA), Technische
Informationsverarbeitung, Germany

Reverse Engineering II

5-Axis Digitizer OptoShape in Rapid Prototyping -
Experiences from Two Practical Applications
Prof. Dr. R. Massen, MASSEN machine vision systems
GmbH, Germany

Efficient Reverse Engineering by 3D-Digitizing
Dr. C. Bremer, BCT Steuerungs- und DV-Systeme GmbH,

Intelligent Methods to Calculate Surface Information from
3D-Digital Data for Surface Reconstrucions and HSC
Prof. Dr. K. Weinert, J. Friedhoff, Universitaet Dortmund,
Institut fuer Spanende Fertigung (ISF), Germany

Session 4

June 10, 13.30-17.00
(30 minutes per session)

Generative Manufacturing Methods and
Conversion Technologies I

Micro Rapid Prototyping
R. Goetzen, Ingenieurbuero fuer Mikrosystemtechnik
(IngMisystech), Germany

Liquid-Phase Sintering of Composite Powders by Using a
Laser for Rapid Prototyping of Refractory Metallic Parts
Dr. W. Loeschau, Fraunhofer-Institut Werkstoffphysik und
Schichttechnologie (FhG- IWS), Germany

Laserbased Rapid Tooling
M. Kauf, Bayerisches Laserzentrum gemeinnuetzige
Forschungsgesellschaft mbH (BLZ), Germany

Generative Manufacturing Methods and
Conversion Technologies II

The Simulation and Rapid Prototyping for Modelmaking,
Toolmaking and Mouldmaking in Portuguese Foundry
Prof. L. Faria, Universida de Tecnica de Lisboa
Instituto Superior TÈcnico, Portugal

Manufacturing of Injection Moulds with SLS Rapid
S. van de Crommert, University of Sunderland
School of Engineering and Advanced Technology, UK

The Use of Flexible Tools for Injection Moulding
F. Bradbury, HYDATUM Design, UK

Session 5

June 11, 09.00-12.00
(25 minutes per session)

Generative Manufacturing Methods and
Conversion Technologies III

Structure and Mechanical Properties of Laser-generated
Metallic Prototypes
Dr. S. Nowotny, Fraunhofer- Institut Werkstoffphysik und
Schichttechnologie (FhG- IWS), Germany

True Form* - first Vacuum Casting and Investment
Casting Applications of the New Sinter Material
Dr. A.Gebhardt, Laser Bearbeitungs- und Beratungszentrum
NRW, LBBZ-NRW GmbH, Germany

SLS Protoparts for Competitive Rapid Product
A. D. Venus, University of Sunderland, School of Engineering
and Advanced Technology, UK


Structural Ceramic Components via Laminated Object
Ph. D. D. Klosterman, The University of Dayton - Research
Institute (UDRI), Materials Engineering Division, USA

Thermoplastics for Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)
B. Priedeman, Stratasys INC., USA

Reaction Bonding of Aluminium Oxide (RBAO) - A
Material for Rapid Product Development
Prof. Dr. N. Claussen, M. Roeger, Technische Universitaet
Hamburg-Harburg (TUHH), Fachbereich Technische
Keramik, Germany

Lunch Break

Session 6

June 11, 09.00-12.00
(25 minutes per session)

Information Management I

Digital Design-Knowledge Based on Standardized
Product Models
Prof. Dr. H. Meerkamm, Universitaet Erlangen-Nuernberg,
Lehrstuhl fuer Konstruktionstechnik, Germany

Supporting the Product Development Process by Using a
Graphical Tool for Structure Definition and Navigation
Dr. G. Paul, Otto von Guericke Universitaet Magdeburg
Institut fuer Technische Informationssysteme, Germany

Product Development by an Active Semantic Design
Prof. Dr. G. Lechner, J. Kopsch, Universitaet Stuttgart, Institut
fuer Maschinenelemente (IMA), Germany

Information Management II

Development in Software Tools in Rapid Prototyping
Dr. S. H. Masood, Swinburne University of Technology,
School of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering, Australia

The Application of STEP as a Standardized Interface for
Rapid Product Development
Dr. W. Steger, R. Knorpp, Fraunhofer-Institut
Produktionstechnik und Automatisierung (FhG - IPA),
Technische Informationsverarbeitung, Germany

Rapid Prototyping: Extending the Layer Concept
P. J. de Jager, Delft University of Technology, Faculty of
Industrial Design Engineering, The Netherlands

Lunch Break

Session 7

June 11, 09.00-12.00
(25 minutes per session)

Quality- and Environmental Management

Innovative Product and Process Development taking
Account of Ecological and Economic Efficiency Aspects
Prof. Dr. D. Kochan, Gesellschaft zur Foerderung angewandter
Informatik Sachsen e.V. (GFaI ), Germany

Quality Assurance in Rapid Prototyping in the Process
Chain 'CAD/CAM-Stereolithography-Vacuum Casting'
P. Djea, adepa, France

Computer Supported Quality Management System for
Rapid Product Development
Dr. W. Steger, K. U. Koch, Fraunhofer-Institut
Produktionstechnik und Automatisierung (FhG - IPA),
Technische Informationsverarbeitung, Germany

Organizational Models

The Symbiotic Enterprise - Product Development for the
21st Century in a new Dimension
F. Hubbert, Roland Berger & Partner GmbH, Germany

Parallel Project Management in Machine Tooling
Institut fuer Arbeitswissenschaft und Betriebsorganisation
(ifab), Germany

Innovative Products by Evolutionary Development
Prof. Dr. H. J. Bullinger, K. F. Wiþler, Fraunhofer-Institut
Arbeitswissenschaft und Organisation (FhG - IAO), Germany

Lunch Break

Session 8

June 11, 13.30-17.00
(30 minutes per session)

Benchmarking I

Selecting Appropriate Techniques for Rapid Prototyping,
Tooling and Manufacturing
Dr. M. Shellabear, Electro Optical Systems (EOS) GmbH,

How to estimate the building time for the stereos 300
Prof. A. OsÛrio, Universida de Tecnica de Lisboa,
Instituto Superior TÈcnico, Portugal

The cost and time advantage of customer needs oriented
product development
L. Haapanen, Quality Production and Research Ltd (QPR),

Benchmarking II

Rapid Prototyping - Concepts of Enterprise-specific
Dr. S. Hartung, Fraunhofer-Institut Produktionstechnologie
(FhG - IPT), Germany

Computerbased Rapid Prototyping System Selection
Prof. Dr. B. E. Hirsch, J. Bauer, Bremer Institut fuer
Betriebstechnik und angewandte Arbeitswissenschaft an der
Universitaet Bremen (BIBA), Germany

R&D Controlling for an Entire Product Development
Prof. Dr. F. Klocke, M. S. Mueller, Fraunhofer-Institut fuer
Produktionstechnologie (FhG-IPT), Germany

Session 9

June 11, 13.30-17.00
(30 minutes per session)

Examples of Application

Operational Organization in Small and Medium Sized
Rapid Prototyping Enterprises using the Management-
System KMED
A. Ludwig, Ludwig RPD GmbH, Germany

Taking Account of Technological Potentials in Product
M. Adams, Ingenieurkontor Produktionstechnik GmbH (IKP)

Organizational and Technical Demands on Realizing
Rapid Prototyping in Metal Casting
N. Schmidt, Pro-mod Prototypenzentrum GmbH, Germany

Virtual Prototyping

Rapid Process Iteration using Virtual Prototypes and
Group Support Systems
P. C. Muller, University of Groningen, Faculty of Management
and Organization, The Netherlands

Virtual Prototyping for the Mechanical and Controller
Design of Complex Capital Goods
Prof. Dr. B. E. Hirsch, Dr. P. Knackfuss
Bremer Institut fuer Betriebstechnik und angewandte
Arbeitswissenschaft an der Universitaet Bremen (BIBA)

Digital Mockup in the 'Virtual Workshop'
Th. Koytek, Tecoplan Informatik GmbH, Germany

All sessions will be translated simultaneously.

General information

Invitation to the Conference
On receipt of the registration form, every delegate will receive an
acknowledge of registration. Congress documentation can be
obtained on arrival at the conference information desk. Latecomers
can get Congress IDs at the cash desk on the day.

Conference venue
Internationales Messe-Congresscentrum Stuttgart
Congress Centre A
Am Kochenhof 16, D - 70192 Stuttgart, Germany

2nd ICRPD - Conference June 10 - 11, 1996
Trade fair CAT `96 June 11 - 14, 1996

Conferenc fees/Payment
Registration up to May 3, 1996 DM 890,-
Registration after May 3, 1996 DM 1190,-

Payment on receipt of the acknowledgement of registration ,
  but at the latest by June 4, 1996 to the following account of
Stuttgarter Messe- und Kongress GmbH:
Landesgirokasse Stuttgart
account-No. 2015804, bank sort code 600 501 01
ref.: RPD 96, name, delegate number

If you cancel before Friday, May 31, 1996 (date of postmark), the
participation fee less a 20% handling charge will be refunded after the
Conference. In the case of cancellations after this date, the
participation fee will be charged in full.

Conference information desk / daily cash desk
The Conference information desk in Congress Centre A will be open
from 08.00 to 17.00 hours throughout the Conference.

  For accomodation, please, contact
  Stuttgart Marketing GmbH
  Lautenschlagerstrasse 3
  70173 Stuttgart
   Phone: +49-(0)711/22 28-233
   FAX: +49-(0)711/22 28-251

Scientific consulting
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h.c. mult. H.-J. Warnecke
Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Prof. E. h. Dr. h. c. H.-J. Bullinger
Dr.-Ing. W. Steger

Fax or send to:
Inquiries and information:
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ICRPD June 10 - 11, 1996

Registration up to May 3, 1996 DM 890,-
Registration after May 3, 1996 DM 1190,-

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Attendance at the Conference entitles you to visit the CAT '96 trade fair
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charge and includes conference documentation, drinks and lunch.

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