Re: Short run plasic injection molds ??

From: David Knutsen (
Date: Wed Mar 27 1996 - 22:14:32 EET

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Hi all ......I would like to hear your experiances building
short run injection molds.
I need to make several obsolete items that the original tooling
was scrapped. I have the original part to work with but there was
never a Cad file ( they are 30 year old parts )
I have looked at electroforming , spray metal , epoxy but have
not found any personal experiances only salesman propaganda !
Thanks for your help.........Chris
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  Your options depend on part complexity and the quantity you need. If the
part is fairly simple and you a large quantity you can probably reverse-eng-ineer it by having it digitized. This can be done with either a
touch-probe or laser equipment depending on the complexity and detail you
require. This data can then be used to create a CNC program to machine
whatever quantity of parts you need.
 If the complexity is high and the quantity is low, you might be able to
have a silicone mold made and then cast the parts in a resin that simulatesthe right material properties.
Those are the two processes that came to mind first. I'm sure others on thelist may have different/better suggestions.

Good Luck,

Dave Knutsen
Sr. Modelmaker
Fluke Corp.

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