Re: contouring accuracy of highspeed machining

From: Greg Pettengill (
Date: Thu Mar 28 1996 - 21:16:15 EET

>Bert van den Berg
>RP is challenging CNC, but has yet to match the precision of CNC.
>CNC's are moving to higher speed machining. I'm interested in
>hearing about experiences with high speed (light cut) contour
>machining. Specifically:
>- contouring feedrates
>- part precision
>the brochures I've seen talk about positioning error but don't
>say much about contouring accuracy.

The precision of part is dependent on many factors, no matter what
method is used to produce it. RP (additive) and CNC (substractive)
methods are fundamentaly different processes and in many ways are
not comparable.

Traditionaly very high precision features are produced by grinding,
honing or lapping. Now it is not uncommon to have parts with tolerances
of less than .001 inch being produced with CNC machining centers.

One thing that I think is a good thing to keep in mind when talking
about this, is that we are talking about "Industrial Art". There is
no substitute for the skill of an artisan.

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